Sky Island Ranch Meditation with Joan Ocean

What is Dolphinville all about?

The very word Dolphinville brings a natural smile to the lips of nearly every person I've met. Here is a place where one can lighten up and still feel a part of everything without taking ourselves too seriously. This is "Paradise" after all, so those of us who've made a conscious decision to live here, are freely creating without restrictions or threat of embarrassment. In other words, it's all right to be silly, because taking things too seriously leads to dis-ease and death.

Fortunately we have the "Clown Scientists" to thank for the recent re-discovery of the all important, "Clown Chakra" *(see below) in humans and dolphins alike. Since then interest and research has really picked up.

So, the sovereign citizens of Dolphinville recognize the importance of joy and laugher as a way of life and strive to incorporate that into all of their behavior towards one another. In the Hawaiian tradition, this is called the "Aloha Spirit" and recognizes that life is a gift worth sharing and enjoying for free, because it makes you happy. For everything else, there's MasterCard . . . and . . . Dolphin Dollars.

Where is Dolphinville?

Located in the middle of the largest geographic feature of our planet, the Pacific Ocean, at the mystical latitude of 19.5 degrees on the Big Island, Hawaii, people have been gathering together here for the past two decades. Commonly, a part of us has felt the "Calling of the Dolphins and Whales" to come and participate in the uplifting of human consciousness as we birth into a higher vibrational frequency; one that is based upon compassion and love instead of the old paradigm system of intimidation and fear. The Cetaceans are assisting us in this magnificent process, sort of like midwives, and the energy grid alignments from sacred geometric relationships point to this very spot as being the prime 'pulse point' of dynamic flux for Gaia consciousness. It is, after all, the Garden of Madam Pele, the most powerful and respected Hawaiian Goddess of Creation. But, beyond this physical manifestation in time and space, Dolphinville exists as a belief system that allows for a new way of thinking and being.

What do people do in Dolphinville?

The pod-people of Dolphinville choose a lifestyle that reflects what brings them the most joy and fulfillment. We believe that all that is being asked of us on this earthly plane of existence is that we become all that we a capable of being. No, not a Marine, but our Full Potential Self. The Cetaceans help us recognize what it's like to use more than the puny 7-10% of our brains allotted by the current Consensus Reality Matrix, as they use upwards to 80-99% of theirs without wasting precious brain cells on intellectualizing and rationalizing linear concepts. They are nonlinear thinkers and foster multidimensional awareness and just being in proximity of their domain, the Ocean, our own somewhat limited and muted sensory apparatus increases its vibrational flux by way of resonate tuning on a cellular level. In other words, our bodies pick up on their sonic atmospheres and we respond on an unconscious level that in and of itself helps us to raise our normal level of conscious awareness. Just living in Hawaii affords us the rare opportunity of constantly basking in this higher vibrational frequency, and thus it offers new opportunities and choices of how to use our time and energy to promote a sense of well being, wholeness and harmony. That alone is worth the price of admission!



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