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Opening the Space/Time Lock
B Y   D.  W.  W E B S T E R

HAVE YOU NOTICED THAT A WHOLE NEW LEVEL of interest in the very idea of What is Reality? has arisen in our general society just since the turn of the century? The Matrix movies entertain the masses with concepts of mystical proportions and the idea that perhaps there is another kind of intelligence that exists beyond our perceived human limitations of Time and Space. Even more importantly, they imply that we each have a choice as to how we interact with the world around us and that we possess the personal power to manifest anything we consciously intend.


Another clear reflection of this can be found in the public demand for entertainment venues that seem to address this elusive topic such as, TV reality shows, while the news media responds with slice of life programming. New books and popular movies present new perspectives to awaken our societys collective consciousness, while contemporary artists provide tireless examples of the NOW for our evaluation and approval. We have more choices than ever before to determine the nature of our realities. Information is everywhere!


We are witnessing amazing worldwide changes at present. If we look closely, one can actually see the last vestiges of the old belief system of that which is real shifting into something else: another form of itself. We are observing a fantastic transformation of staggering proportions as we evolve a new multiversal model of existence; one where 3D Time and Space is but one aspect of the totality of All That Is. Something wonderful is happening! We can now visualize and embrace the opening of this Space/Time Lock by simply allowing it to be so.


These days, more people seem interested in examining the line of demarcation, the actual threshold that separates the so-called real world with the fictional one we all create from within. With a new found level of integrity, some people are getting in touch with their own secret worlds in which we evaluate all of the external data with our sensory abilities and make an informed judgment call on what it all means.


So what does it all mean, and, what exactly is this NOW" everyones talking about?


Contemporary Western Culture at large has been moving steadily towards a new level of expanded awareness over this past half-century, or so, as it represents the crux of our evolving social archetype. We have managed to put to rest enough aspects of our Past and Future illusions to place more focus on our Present states of being our Now-ness of Being, so to speak. Those of us who are of the Baby Boomers generation have now reached a critical stage of this development of appreciation of the Now moment as we are now facing the inevitability of our own mortality on this physical plane of existence. For some, the labor of this process of appreciation has brought a great deal of struggle and varying degrees of pain. That painful time is now over as we step into a lightness of being en mass for the first time in recorded history. We may now celebrate with jubilation at having conceived this new level of conscious awareness, and recognize also that consciousness is naturally being shared with all the sentient beings that co-create this multidimensional Reality Matrix of existence.


Science and Philosophy have made an effort to determine the nature of our so-called Reality Matrix since before the Greeks. Over the past several thousand years, our patriarchal societys rational minds have attempted to wrestle a unified meaning out of some logical patterning using the binary tools of mathematical symbols, letters and words. Using these binary tools, scientific theory can now readily define our third dimensional realm by applying the apparent principles of polarity: Action-Reaction, Cause and Effect, Positive-Negative, and so on. One of the best examples of how far weve come in this endeavor is the computer-generated, high-resolution virtual realities using binary coding that can replicate our world exactly as it appears. Well, almost. As our culture has developed, human consciousness has evolved to the point where a critical mass of individuals is now embracing the concept that there is indeed something beyond these linear restrictions.

Science itself has now come full circle in its attempt to explain everything and lift the veil of mystery permeating the known universe. Originally conceived as a means to overcome the anxious fear of uncertainty by explaining how things work, Science can now prove beyond the shadow of a doubt, down to the quantum level, that certainty itself is merely an illusion produced by these same linear constructs of the logical mind. Now we can prove that Reality cannot be contained, and that by merely observing it, it changes everything!


Now, heres the paradox: we cannot be certain of anything beyond a doubt, and yet, on a level beyond any doubt, we can allow ourselves to know. Its called Faith.


There is no mistaking that our culture is in the midst of a new revolution. Just as the Industrial Revolution changed the way we thought about ourselves in the last century with concepts from Relativity to Surrealism, Psychoanalysis to Psychedelic, Conventional Wisdom to Abstract Thought, this revolution of the new millennium adds a new tier of being that belongs to what can be described as the realm of Spiritual Intelligence.


The first stage of this new millennium appears to be a collective re-membering of ourselves as soul-entities, or as oversouls that support the many multiverses. An infinite number of reality matrices existing as various patterns, such as fractals, and as diverse as snowflakes. We are but one pattern at any given moment, and at the same instant, all patterns simultaneously.


While a certain number of us may come to embrace this idea with what I call, Radical Trust, its clear that most people are uncomfortable with the idea of not knowing in any rational sense, as the preeminent condition. Not knowing, by its very nature, seems to create some kind of anxiety about itself. We cant all be Existential Gnostics now, can we?


However, we have now reached a place in our sciences and philosophies that leaves much of the remaining territory inexplicable by rational means. Our established Science and Philosophy, by themselves, seek to push out existing limitations of the knowable only to establish new lines of demarcation that neatly contain yet another linear belief system. A box within a box. In spite of this, as a number of new scientists and philosophers take the quantum leap to this new understanding by releasing their need to control/contain, they are subsequently putting their energies into inventing new ways of existing as part of a multidimensional universe. These are the individuals who willingly step into the abyss of the unknown and are not intimidated at the prospect of uncertainty. Theyve been called Cultural Creatives. And our numbers are growing geometrically!


Many people are waking up to these new levels of awareness. Fewer of us are threatened or shamed into obedience by a system intended to mold us into an ignorant amalgamation laboring for the benefit of a ruling elite. We are beyond that now.


Instead, growing numbers of individuals are recognizing themselves as prismatic light vessels, transcendent beings and ecstatic energy beacons that exist within a spiral matrix of love. Even now, as our lightbodies merge together, increasing illumination, a new age of enlightenment is dawning.


Such concepts are becoming accessible to more and more people willing and able to look and listen to the subtle world around them, and act upon it. There are now such numbers of us focusing our attention in such a way, that the very nature of the current belief system that holds our material universe in place, is starting to be called into question. It appears that the metaphoric warp and weft of the fabric of our existence is beginning to unravel from the stress of this expansion in our conscious understanding of the nature of the universe and our direct participation in its creation.


The veil that separates our inner fiction from the outer drama is thinning as human consciousness ascends toward a greater, more encompassing Universal Truth of who and what we are as Galactic Citizens. This ascending consciousness is moving rapidly, picking up speed as we accelerate towards higher frequencies of information, which in turn is waking up cellular memories of a larger understanding of who we really are as our global self-view is approaching a planetary consciousness even though we are still fighting about our perceived polarized differences. Our very substance is changing in immutable ways as we pass through this threshold of initiation and into a New Matrix.


The ancient Greeks recognized that the threshold into such awareness is accessed through developing a keen understanding of the nature of Art. As an essential part of a sacred triad, the realm of Fine Art is distinctly different from Science and Philosophy. You might say that Philosophy acts as a bridge between Art and Science, while still adhering to the cogent structures of logic. It is only through Art, however, that the nebulous realm of feelings, emotions and spirit in human consciousness can be addressed.


Welcome to the real world its much, much more than you ever imagined in your science and philosophies. Welcome to your life as a multiversal Work of Art, where you are the artist. You dont need to know how to draw a straight line; such rules do not apply. Freedom reigns. You can allow the forms to appear, just so, by trusting whats in your heart. Feel the colors rise from deep within and seek their balance and contrast as natural elements of force and beauty. We are each creating a unique portrait, a cosmic fingerprint, able to express the glory of existence in just such a way as no other can. Our works of art are always perfectly what they are; what weve made them to be. Now, its really getting good! Arent you glad you showed up?


© Douglas Webster, 2004

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Douglas Webster was an art gallery director for twenty-five years before being called by the dolphins to move to Kona, Hawaii in 1997 and begin a personal process of healing and communication with this most sublime species of mammals. His intimate contact with the cetaceans over the past six years as a facilitator with Joan Ocean's Dolphin Connection has opened him to multidimensional realms of understanding under the tutelage of the dolphins and whales. He is currently writing two books, The EnDolphin Effect and Art & Consciousness: A Visionary History of Awareness.

Douglas is also the author of several websites including: , ,, and .