My name is Laurie Moore (Known as Dr.Laurie Moore by
people in many places.) My heart is filling up with
expansion, gratitude, and light thanks to my beloved
sisters and brothers the whales and dolphins.

Last summer I chose an outdoor medidation sanctuary
spot where I live. My intention was to deeply connect
with the animals and honor them. All kinds of animals
have come to merge and guide me since then. On a walk
nearbye, a little lizard approached me. I told her
with all my heart, "I love you." She darted to me,
scurried up my back and joined us for the walk. My
trust in the Divine was magnified profoundly in that
experience. That sweet lizard came to connect and

One afternoon in my meditation spot, my cells began to
be expanded. Soon I discovered that life is very
fluid. Golden light expanded my cells. I recognized
this light to be the jolly, beautiful dolphins
opening me up to new worlds. They bring great joy and
laughter to me often although I have yet to meet these
family members in person. They bring me sacred,
playful, and fun joy beyond the emotional joy I once
knew as "happiness."

My cat, Jessie Justin Joy, has helped me to connect to
all of the animals with his love, gentle guidance, and
ability to guide me from within. I consider the
animals to be my role models of the highest type of
existence. JJJ and others have taught me uncondional
kindness, unconditional joy, and unconditional love.
They show me that the way to be kind, happy, and love
is simply to live in the forever opening relams of
these qualities. These qualities go beyond attachment
to how anything needs to be. These qualities are of
the heart and are for everyone. These qualities are
the question and the answer to all we long for.

The animals who carry the light and the bliss continue
to come to me and awaken me to new realms of
experience. I have great respect for these master

The whale came to me in the bath tub after Gina
Palmer, animal communicator suggested I listen to the
whale. The whale took me into a state of all
Oneness/Peace beyond words.

The dolphins help me to enjoy the duality realities
with fun and adventure. They remind me to accept my
humanhood with great aliveness and joy! The whale
lives beyond any duality and the second I went back to
duality thoughts I lost the connection. To find whale
I returned to the Oneness. The whale brings me to only
One. One Love,One Peace, One.

I love the dolphins. I try to say I love the
whale..and I do... but she slips out of my
consciousness when I love her because she is the
Oneness. I am her. She is Me. There is no me loving
her or her loving the whale reality it is just
one Love! She is. He is.

Thank you to my friends, the animals. Thank you to my
human friends who have come to be with the whales and
dolphins in flesh in Kona. I feel I am already with the
dolphins and whale as I sit and write. I feel gleeful
to think of coming to meet in flesh as well.

In Gratitude to all my beloved brothers and sisters,

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