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COLOR AND SOUND THERAPIES, holographic, non-linear wave forms, 5th and 6th Dimensional aspects of being, galactic portals and stargates, higher frequency enhancement tools and a host of other spiritual technologies seem to describe similar marvels that are now occurring in our society. We are being given alternative ways to assist us in the most profound personal healing that, in turn, may lead us to even more refined levels of self-awareness. Spiritual healing can begin when we integrate our emotional, physical and mental bodies with this emerging divine aspect that represents the etheric connection to everything around us, from the micro to the macrocosm.

As we open our consciousness to a greater universe within, treatments that address the subtler aspects of our being are naturally being developed. Many can now tap into our collective unconscious, or cellular memory, or as some believe, our Starseeded DNA coding, and from that ‘soup’ new remedies are beginning to surface. They’re already here!

Alternative medical technologies such as those from 20th Century inventors, Tesla and Wilhelm Reich, address our physical being as a system of vibrational frequencies that can be modified so as to allow for maximum healing to take place. Our inner human essence is like the finest musical instrument ready to play a magnificent symphony, once we are properly tuned. But first we must learn to redirect our attention to the heart of the matter, away from the myriad of fear related external distractions. Once done, the authentic healing/balancing can begin. We can now recognize that very real health issues occur on the most delicate levels, the subtle planes within, and some of these can be overtly addressed with such things as sound frequencies and other forms of wave amplitudes directed at the body to enhance an optimum harmonic resonance field.

On the alternative healing front we are seeing new forms of treatment using non-linear, holographic technologies that are being developed intuitively to help patients overcome certain traumas that may have left deep wounds in their psyche. Perhaps, as some believe, we are witnessing the return of very ancient spiritual instruments to the human consciousness at this time. These ‘technologies beyond time’ may well be here to assist us in healing from the serious damage our etheric bodies have suffered from every day life and from deeper traumas such as abuse or profound loss.

In standard medical terms, new bioactive chemicals are being developed all the time that can cause a specific emotional reaction within a person suffering from so-called, mental and physical conditions. However, these remedies often seem only to address the symptoms instead of the cause of the conditions. Most of the new spiritual technologies that address these issues go outside the current consensus belief systems to seek a cure for human dis-ease. They literally go ‘outside the box’ of the limited thinking we’ve been given in our society as “the way things are,” for a new level of healing solutions. They are being developed to help a person to overcome the constant bombardment of discordant frequencies upon our delicate psyche and etheric energy bodies. Unfortunately most of us have already been infected with some level of low frequency intolerance that’s developed into a physical ailment or become a disease. So, what are these treatments that are not a part of the current fear-based belief systems? I wanted to find out more and jumped at the opportunity to interview a representative from The Gentle Wind Project®.

Mary Miller, also known as “Moe,” greeted me in the lobby of Royal Kona hotel in Kailua-Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii, with the calm demeanor of a veteran of the healing arts. Like a medical doctor or registered nurse, she presents herself with a certain solemnity that felt relaxed and confident. As a researcher, co-founder and spokesperson for The Gentle Wind Project®, a non-profit world healing organization based in Kittery, Maine, she was a licensed family therapist and director of a clinic in the Boston area that worked extensively with grieving parents. Moe was in Kona for a two-day stop-over presentation on her way to a tour in New Zealand and had agreed to do an interview. I’ve had one of their healing instruments in my studio for just over six months and was curious to get some first-hand information about these enigmatic devices.

My own personal experience confirmed that their laminated 2D designs and 3D hand-held instruments, called “pucks” and “bars,” did indeed generate dynamic energy fields that act as a kind of resonant-field tuning device. Three to five minutes of direct contact with one of the instruments is all it takes. My particular instrument is a six by three foot laminated sheet mounted on the wall in my writing studio and labeled, “Unified Health Enhancement System, Version 27.0 with Advanced Gap Acceleration Technology, Depletion Block, Life Force Enhancement, Living System 2, Relatedness, Asymmetrical Zoning and Temporal Shift.” The design itself looks like futuristic electronic circuitry that floats vibrant rainbows of iridescent blends contained in circles, squares, cylinders, spheres and lines. I was startled at one point while using my instrument, to actually feel as if the six foot wall piece had created a kind of portal window to another dimension. The eerie sensation I had (though not scary) was that of having my ‘energy body’ perfectly mirrored by a similar, though distinctly different intelligent entity standing on the ‘other side’ of this designated gateway. My hands seemed positioned palm to palm and I felt like there was a subtle exchange of information, of sorts. Could it be, I thought, that such a device could act like a ‘cell-phone’ to another dimensional matrix? So I asked Moe about their intended purpose.

The Gentle Wind Project’s Healing Instruments, she explains, are hands-on technology that has been designed to restore each person’s energetic structure – that region in a person’s etheric body where ones life’s wounds and hurts are stored. “These look like holes in a person’s energy field,” Moe tells me. “Conventional medicine does not address this area,” she continues.

When I asked where this technology comes from, since it’s nothing like anything else out there, she tells me that The Project started over twenty years ago with a core of six individuals, all from social work and engineering backgrounds. They had each, in their own ways, recognized the need for a new means to heal traumas and help improve the quality of people’s lives. When they conjoined their intentions and wishes something extraordinary happened. They began to receive telepathic impulses and messages that they could corroborate between themselves. These impulses ‘channeled’ in as some kind of non-local intelligence that communicated a ‘technology’ that would address the issue and help cure an ailing human consciousness from within. This ‘other’ intelligence brought a “Science and Engineering for the Human Spirit.” It offered a potential solution to a problem from outside the sphere of the problem itself. In other words, a curative for our wounded and dysfunctional spiritual identities that could gently help release and alleviate deep suffering from loss or abuse that have been embedded beyond all rational recognition.

I had to agree with her when she said she believed that all of us suffer such transgressions from the many lifetimes and dimensions that are a part of our existence, and often these events leave gaping holes in our auric fields that make feeling whole and well difficult at best, and often excruciating. Some wounds run so deep that it carries over from one life to the next. I also sensed her sincerity in this mission and thus an authentic kind of “knowing” behind the words she spoke. Moe had witnessed these instruments in action for all of this time and now was beyond any doubt as to their ability to address these subtle realms and help heal a soul.

In the early development of these instruments they literally were given away and donated to clinics and healing offices both in the conventional and alternative health care facilities. After years of testing in the field by therapists and counselors, the instruments consistently provided mental and emotional support for their users in a high percentage. Practitioner’s clients reported that negative patterns developed in childhood were dissolved and that somatic problems lessened considerably. The findings were beyond any placebo effect although conventional Western Medicine still is reluctant to embrace such evidence. It is because such subtle energy realms exist outside of the strict scientific convention of logic and apply themselves to the less definable areas of mental health and emotional well-being. This is starting to change as base line studies from the past two decades are now showing definitive results and a few institutions, such as the North Hawaii Community Hospital here on the Big Island, where energy medicine and alternative methods are included as part of the curriculum, are using the Gentle Wind Project instruments. What better place than where culturally, East meets West, and alternate ways of viewing consensus reality are openly accepted and embraced by the multicultural atmosphere of the Big Island of Hawaii.

Just up the road on the north coast outside the small town of Honokaa, I visited the home of Nedra Geodert and Ken Bevis to sit inside a special room in their house called, “The Portal.” This chamber has an array of eight high-end computers all attuned and balanced to one another so as to create a standing scalar wave and a “zero point energy field” within the space. This wave generator system demonstratively neutralizes negative EMF frequencies and creates a waveform that clears a person’s etheric field and promotes a balanced energy resonance and whole brain activity. It’s called the Energy Enhancement System® that’s been developed over the past dozen years by Sandra Rose-Michael as a computer program that creates these “5th Dimensional, non-linear waveforms.”

I noticed immediately that being in the space allowed me to move effortlessly into an Alpha state and thereby easily access a deeper meditative state with clarity and focus. A friend reported a profound sense of well-being from his experience in the chamber while others have noted subtle emotional shifts and inspired clarity of thought from their one and two hour sessions. Some local energy healers are now taking their clients into the chamber for focused work with positive results. Experiments using Kilarian photography have demonstrated the dramatic affects upon the auric fields around plants and humans alike before and after being exposed to the array.

Still other instruments are surfacing as well. For example: "ADAM, the acronym for 'Aphysical Dimensional Access Manager,' a technology that consists of living protoplasm connected to a computer via a bi-directional, high-speed data acquisition system. The data acquisition allows for converting the analogue signals from the protoplasm cell into computer language and taking the computer signals and converting them into an instructional transmission stream for the cell. The purpose of this design is to provide a true form of artificial intelligence that will interface with the subconscious of a person anywhere on the planet." This particular frequency generator has palpable effects upon its users and is another reminder of this emerging phenomenon.

These new higher dimensional frequency technologies are popping up all over the planet at this time. Many believe that they are here to assist in the massive transformation of human consciousness that is a natural byproduct of our solar system's shifting position within the greater spiral galaxy of the Milky Way. Our new vibrational identities are beginning to emerge from this transition from a galactic scale all the way down to the molecular level.

With this vital shift of vast proportion we are perceiving alternative ways to acknowledge the most profound sacred healing that has ever taken place in recorded history. A new way of being and thinking is leading us to the most refined levels of spiritual self-awareness yet known. It is our most precious element, far greater than food, shelter, sex or power over others. It's time we cherished this aspect within ourselves and learn to respect it in others as well. The time is now for the real healing to take place within us all and Planet Ocean as move consciously into the greater cosmos of All That Is. Once we are free from the etheric holes in our energy bodies, our human consciousness will surely expand to our fullest potentials.

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© Douglas Webster, 2004

Douglas Webster was an art gallery director for twenty-five years before being called by the dolphins to move to Kona, Hawaii in 1997 and begin a personal process of healing and communication with this most sublime species of mammals. His intimate contact with the cetaceans over the past six years as a facilitator with Joan Ocean's Dolphin Connection has opened him to multidimensional realms of understanding under the tutelage of the dolphins and whales. He is currently writing two books, The EnDolphin Effect and Art & Consciousness: A Visionary History of Awareness.

Douglas is also the author of several websites including: www.IamDolphinus.com , www.Dolphinville.com , www.DolphinMatrix.com, and www.Cetacean-Nation.com .

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