Since 1997 I have been living on the Kona Coast of the Big Island of Hawai'i -- home of the active volcano, Kilauea (which means "spewing"). This amazing area is naturally charged and beautiful, though somewhat primitive by mainland standards of luxury.  

I was drawn here because of my passion:  the opportunity of swimming with a friendly pod of wild Spinner dolphins that regularly come into a bay held sacred by the Hawaiians, known as, the "Gateway to the Gods". This activity combined with focused attention has acted to facilitate changes within me that I believe is part of a process of healing myself from the strife of a world gone mad.

Part of my work here in Hawaii is with people who have fears of the ocean. To begin, I ask them to look at the possible advantage of leaving the burden of gravity on the shore and allow themselves to meld with this base element.  The immediate fear that most people have is the sense of relinquishing some level of control that they felt on land.  That’s an illusion of course.  To help them overcome this unease, I ask them to trust themselves to relax into this new atmosphere that quite naturally creates an altered state of consciousness.  Amazing transformations begin to occur almost immediately. 

As nearly all bodies float in salt water, I encourage people to release any need to move and simply dangle in water with no attachments or need to struggle.  It’s interesting the way most people forget their natural buoyancy in the ocean and insist upon straining to maintain an upright position as they are conditioned to believe they will sink otherwise.  Funny, how that same type of fear exists in people who try to emerge themselves into Spirit.  We insist upon some level of control, even though it’s an illusion.  We don’t trust our own natural buoyancy in this atmosphere, nor do we believe that our being consists almost entirely of this substance.  With practice, however, we can learn to relax and enjoy the benefits of this sublime experience.

Perhaps the most obvious metaphor for the essence of Spirit (Etheric) on our Planet Ocean is the element of water.  Think about this further.  We are actually water beings on this water planet and our bodies are similarly comprised of over 80% water.  Water may well be the organic fabric that represents planetary consciousness on the physical plane of existence.  A certain portion of our populace is beginning to realize that aspect of us that is like water; being connected on an elemental level and interconnected with one another. 

A basic way of looking at water is to see it at its source level as the periodic elements of hydrogen and oxygen. These are the building blocks by which we are formed and our genetic coding is based upon those quantum vibrational spins.  Our very place in the cosmos is defined by such elemental patterning of waveforms and molecular structure that grows from itself so that at a certain point of sophisticated growth it becomes self-realizing, conscious pulsating energy beacons. Portions of us are recognizing ourselves as a planetary consciousness, a water-being consciousness, a Gaia-Water-Spirit Consciousness that is in itself a beacon to the rest of the universe.  We provide a fundamental link as an assembly of these source elements of hydrogen and oxygen that is an expression of the Divine Universal Life Force.  What we are going through as a planetary consciousness at this stage is healing this programmed illusion of separateness and establishing our connectedness from the molecular level to the galactic realm.  We are learning to float free within this new atmosphere.

Our human consciousness appears to be delving into such things in mass for the first time in recorded history.  It is now possible to see that as we join our thought energies together and become a connected unit, that unity becomes a force unto itself.  This is fluid force such as the oceans that support life and provide a platform for interaction.

This connectedness can be seen as luminous threads forming a web of awareness and is part of what the dolphins and whales have been demonstrating to us with their pod-minded, co-creative ways of being.  Within this vast realm of consciousness and sea of possibilities we can witness what appears as random elements that are in fact part of a larger tidal surge or seasonal shift typical to the organic patterns of ebb and flow.  In the human context, it can be seen as a process of choice, and that choice creates a rippling pattern that then becomes part of the texture and tapestry of Gaia Consciousness. 

We are now realizing that we are a vital part of this weaving pattern and to take responsibility for our actions as it applies to the very nature of our existence.  This patterning has been performed almost entirely on an unconscious level throughout our short history as a terrestrial race, but that is now shifting as we now see ourselves as conscious entities functioning through directed awareness.  As we progress we can begin to see how much more we are than the memory of our rational mind’s description. We are more diverse and exist on many dimensional planes simultaneously.

If Spirit IS water then we can examine how it integrates into our lives and gives a whole new meaning to our existence.  Both Spirit and water are clear and fluid, accepting and yet, all-powerful.  They both refract light waves and can appear as liquid, solid or gas.  They are both a conductor and amplifier of energy.  They have substance but softly surround a body and provide encompassing connectivity between all bodies within. Both are an essential part of our very being.

If Spirit is water we can still identify that an aspect of it may have certain limitations within a physical universe, yet remains all pervasive in its affect upon us.  We can see that this substance is responsive to tidal shifts and weather patterns just as Spirit responds to winds of emotion, such as love and hate, fear and jealousy. We can see both have such a tremendous abundance of creative life force and stand in awe to witness the shear power of transformational storm surges that bring about change.

Perhaps as a race of water beings on this water planet we are beginning to sense who we really are: fluid, connected in every way with one another and malleable yet unpredictable currents of emotional energy.  I believe that we, as water/spirit beings, can share so much more of our planetary consciousness if we would simply return to our natural states of being -- buoyant and fluid -- and act accordingly. And yet on a planetary scale so much attention and importance has been placed on our solid landmasses.

Thus far our human existence has defined itself in terms of the lands we occupy.  These lands, whether a village, state or nation, then become the glowing examples of how we have ideologically separated ourselves from others of our species; how we’ve built into our various cultures, biases that reinforce this separateness and keep us in a state of fear and anxiety as we focus on what we perceive are the differences between ourselves and ignore how much we are the same.  Throughout history we have countless examples of such prejudice leading to wars because of these perceived differences.  Perhaps it’s time to let go of this land-locked misconception of who we think we are as a race of beings, and begin to realize we are not solid and separate, but indeed we are liquid and conjoined by the vast similarities that far outnumber the fractional differences for which we’ve placed so much importance.

I often tell people, that to stare into the deep blue of the ocean, is to view what pure consciousness surly looks like as it expands into the unfathomable in shades of indigo, cobalt and aquamarine.  On a sunny day there is an added visual phenomenon of seeing our shadows cast into the deep as streams of undulating light waves appear to emanate from a single point in space and shower us with an array of photonic splendor. And, if we’re truly blessed in this rarefied atmosphere, on occasion, out of that vast blue sea of void we may even catch a glimpse of a smiling dolphin face acknowledging us on that spiritual plane with bliss, joy and unconditional love.  They have known for eons what we are only beginning to realize: 

Spirit is the water of our existence.

june03 –dwwebster